Our Products

There's more than one way to bring out the kid in you. We triple‑dog dare you to try them all.

  • Nestlé crunch crisp
    Light crispy wafers covered in yummy chocolatey goodness with airy crispies on top. Details
  • Nestlé crunch
    fun size
    Perfect size for birthdays, Halloween, or makeshift dominoes. Details
  • Nestlé crunch bars
    Rich vanilla bars coated with chocolaty crispies from your favorite candy bar ever. Details
  • the original
    Nestlé crunch
    An even more scrumptious treat, with light airy crispies and a richer chocolate taste! Details
  • Nestlé crunch
    Easy to share and perfect for eating while playing hide‑and‑seek. Details
  • buncha crunch
    Little, bite‑sized nuggets of crispies and milk chocolate for a Crunch you can munch. Details
  • Nestlé Crunch Dibs
    Call dibs on these bite‑sized, NESTLÉ® CRUNCH® coated, vanilla frozen snacks before they're all gone. Details