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Q Does Nestlé Crunch Original contain peanuts/nuts?
No, original Nestlé Crunch single, fun size and mini bars do not contain peanuts or nuts as ingredients. However, they're made on the same equipment that processes peanuts and nuts. If a product that does not contain as an ingredient one of the eight major allergens, e.g. peanuts or nuts, but has cross contact with one that does, Nestlé adds a precautionary statement at the end of the ingredient listing. Please read the ingredient statement on the candy wrapper for the most current information.
Q Does Nestlé Crunch contain gluten?
Yes. Gluten may be present in the barley malt ingredient and original Nestlé Crunch is made on equipment that also processes wheat. To learn more about this and other Allergens, please visit our Nutritional Information Page.
Q Is there caffeine in a Nestlé Crunch Bar?
Yes. A single‑serving size bar of Nestlé Crunch contains 13mg of caffeine, while a 6‑ounce cup of coffee has about 65mg of caffeine. For more caffeine content info for other Nestlé Crunch products, click here!
Q My Nestlé Crunch bar has a whitish haze on it, what is this?
Chocolate contains cocoa butter in its formulation that can separate from the other ingredients when subjected to heat. When it cools, the surface of the chocolate can appear cloudy gray or white or have spots on it. This may happen during distribution and/or storage. This instance is called bloom. Although it is not harmful, and could be eaten, the chocolate may have lost its normal, creamy texture and flavor. Please contact us regarding bloom on your Nestlé Crunch bar.
Q What's the shelf life of a Nestlé Crunch Bar?
The recommended shelf life of a Nestlé Crunch 1.55oz bar is 15 months.
Q Where can I buy Nestlé Crunch products?
Type in your zip code and our Where To Buy product locator will find the store nearest you.
Q How many calories are in the smaller Nestlé Crunch Bars?
Nestlé Crunch Fun Size bar contains 50 calories. A Nestlé Crunch Miniature Bar contains 30 calories. Click here for more details.
Q Can I share Nestlé Crunch with my pet?
No, pets can become very ill from ingesting chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can be toxic to pets.
Q Are Nestlé Crunch products Kosher?
Yes, the kosher symbol is OU-D (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America). However they are not certified kosher for Passover.
Q How many different Nestlé Crunch products
can satisfy my chocolate passion?
We have 9 different Nestlé Crunch products including our newest member of the family, Nestlé Crunch Crisp. To find the Nestlé Crunch product you are looking for, click here.
Q When was the Nestlé Crunch Bar first invented?
In 1938, Nestlé chocolatiers experimented with their already popular Nestlé Milk Chocolate bar by adding crisped rice. Today, Nestlé Crunch is sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Watch the "History of Nestlé Crunch" movie to learn more.
Q How many pieces of crisped rice are there in each 1.55oz Nestlé Crunch bar?
There are approximately 420 pieces.
Q How long does it take to make a Nestlé Crunch bar?
From start to finish, it takes approximately 50 minutes.
Q How many Nestlé Crunch bars are eaten in a year?
Nestlé Crunch sells over 40,000 pounds of chocolate per year.